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X-Ray Imaging Specialist

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In-house X-ray imaging means you get fast diagnosis and treatment if you or a loved one has an injury like a fracture. At Elevate Health Group in Glendale, Burbank, and La Canada, California, Narbeh Tovmassian, MD, FACP, and Garen Derhartunian, MD, FACP, offer onsite state-of-the-art X-ray imaging to provide an accurate assessment of your symptoms and injury. There’s no need to wait in long lines at a separate location. Call the office to schedule your evaluation and X-ray or book online today.

X-Ray Imaging Q & A

What are the benefits of onsite X-ray imaging?

Care for a suspected bone fracture is among the urgent care services offered at Elevate Health Group. If you think you’re dealing with a fracture from a fall, sports injury, or accident, skip the emergency room and visit the team at Elevate Health Group for an evaluation and treatment.

Onsite X-ray imaging means you’ll have a shorter wait time for your procedure and visit. The doctors interpret your X-ray while you wait and offer appropriate treatment so healing can start.

If the fracture is complicated enough to need the attention of a specialist, the staff can help you find the right provider.

What conditions are diagnosed with X-ray imaging?

An X-ray is well-known for its ability to assess broken bones, but it’s also a tool in diagnosing issues like:

  • Pneumonia or fluid in the lungs
  • Bowel obstructions
  • Kidney stones
  • Joint dislocations

When you come to Elevate Health Group, the team assesses your symptoms to determine if you need X-ray imaging.

What happens during an X-ray?

An X-ray itself isn’t painful, but you may need to hold a position that irritates your affected joint or bone. X-rays can be taken when you’re seated, lying down, or standing, depending on the image being taken.

During the procedure, an X-ray tube is positioned toward the area to be X-rayed. A beam of radiation runs through your body to create the image. The image takes just seconds to capture and you feel nothing.

X-ray imaging isn’t dangerous. You will get a small dose of radiation during an X-ray, but it’s quite low. Women who are pregnant or might be should avoid X-rays, however, due to the small risk the radiation could pose to a developing fetus.

What is digital X-ray imaging?

A digital X-ray uses computer technology to create the image. The image appears almost immediately on a computer screen, so there’s no need to develop X-ray film.

What conditions aren’t evaluated with X-ray imaging?

Injuries to connective tissue, such as your tendons and ligaments, cannot appear on an X-ray. Bone bruises and microfractures may also not appear on an X-ray. 

Even if these issues are suspected, an X-ray may be ordered to rule out a fracture. You may need an MRI for a more comprehensive evaluation of your condition.

Take advantage of the onsite X-ray imaging services offered at Elevate Health Group. Call or schedule an appointment online today.