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Pre-Surgery Checkup Specialist

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For those throughout Glendale, La Canada, Burbank, and the Greater Los Angeles area about to have surgery, Dr. Derhartunian and Dr. Tovmassian offer pre-surgery checkups to ensure everything is in order. At Elevate Health Group, we strive to ensure every patient undergoing surgery is prepared and treated for their unique circumstances.

Pre-Surgery Checkup Q & A

What is a Pre-Surgery Checkup?

When a person is going to undergo a surgical procedure, the doctor will often recommend that he or she also undergoes a pre-operative or pre-surgery exam. These checkups are constructed to ensure that the patient is in good enough health to withstand the stresses of surgery. These checkups can also tell a doctor is special precautions need to be taken to ensure the surgery is safe for the patient. For example, if the patient has a heart conditions he or she may need to take special medications or undergo other treatments before the surgery can begin. Pre-op, or pre-surgery, exams are using performed a few weeks before the scheduled surgery.

What Happens During the Exam?

The pre-op exam will typically begin with a general physical checkup. The checkup will include:

  • A review of the patient’s medical history
  • A full blood panel, possible EKG, and a chest x-ray
  • Those at risk for diabetes may have their blood sugar tested
  • Those over age 55 will usually be examined by a cardiologist. This will also apply for those who are out of shape, obese, or who have high blood pressure.

If the patient has a history of blood disorders or blood clots, additional blood tests may be required.

What Else Can Affect a Pre-Surgery Checkup?

Every person is different as are their bodies. This means that the tests required may vary from person to person depending on their overall health and any specific conditions which they may have. The doctor will determine exactly what tests will need to be performed after they have had a chance to collect information about the patient’s medical history, general health, age, and the type of surgery being performed. If you have questions about what types of test will be required at your pre-op exam, contact the office. The doctor will be able to answer your questions and ensure that the exam and surgery go as planned.

All Major Insurances Accepted

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