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No one plans to get sick, but it happens. At Elevate Health Group, our office can schedule your sick visits as soon as possible to ensure that you can get back on your feet at quickly as possible. If you are feeling unwell and are in or around Glendale, Burbank, and La Canada, California, set up a sick visit with Dr. Derhartunian and Dr. Tovmassian.

Sick Visits Q & A

What is a Medical Sick Visit?

Sick visits are just that. Visits to the doctor when a person is not feeling well. These visits are usually scheduled at the last minute since a person doesn’t plan to get sick. When available, Elevate Health Group can schedule patients’ visits on the same day and get them into see the doctor right away. Appointments which fall under the sick visit category include:

  • Cold and flu symptoms
  • Sore throat
  • Rash
  • Bad cough
  • Urinary tract infection
  • Earache

These visits are designed to treat minor but urgent medical issues. For more serious issues involving chronic illness or preventative services, contact the office to schedule a visit a head of time. For medical emergencies such as shortness of breath or chest pains, patients should go to the ER right away.

What Should I Do When I Call to Arrange a Sick Visit?

When a patient calls the office to schedule a sick visit, they should speak to a nurse to ensure the visit is not something which needs emergency attention. When the person speaks to the nurse, he or she should describe the symptoms they are experiencing in detail. This information will help the nurse to direct the patient to the appropriate location. The nurse may suggest that the person goes to urgent care, schedule a same-day appointment, or he or she could recommend that the patient schedule a visit for later in the week.

What Do I Do If It Is After-hours or the Weekend?

If an urgent medical situation occurs after the office has close and cannot wait until morning, it is recommended that you proceed to urgent care or the ER. If the situation occurs on the weekend when we are closed or on a holiday the same will apply. Remember that your health is important and seeing a doctor for an urgent issue right away can stop it from becoming moreserious.

All Major Insurances Accepted

Please call the office for any questions regarding insurance.