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EKG Specialist

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For patients in Glendale, La Canada, Burbank, and the Greater Los Angeles area, heart safety and care is available at Elevate Health Group. There, doctors are specially trained to treat and diagnose heart conditions and provides access to numerous test and treatments including the EKG.


What is an EKG?

An EKG, or ECG, is a test used to check for problems with the electrical activity of the heart and is short for electrocardiogram. An EKG can display the heart’s electrical activity by utilizing a special instrument which draws a line on a long strip of paper. Doctors are trained to read these markings and interpret the spike and dips in the waves. The heart muscle is divided into fourchambers which pump blood. The two upper chambers are the atria and the two lower are the ventricles. These chambers pump through a natural electrical system which circulates blood throughout the body.

Why are EKGs Used?

A doctor will request an EKG to:

  • Monitor the heart’s electrical activity
  • Identify the cause of chest pain or pressure
  • Find out if the walls of the chambers are too thick
  • Find cause of symptoms of heart disease
  • Check the mechanical devices implanted in a person’s heart
  • Check the health of the heart when the person has other diseases
  • Check to see if medicines are working

How is an EKG Performed?

During the EKG, the patient will often lie on an exam table or bed. Usually certain areas of the person’s arms, chest, and legs will be cleaned and possibly shaved. This provide a smooth surface on which to apply the electrodes. The electrodes are the placed on the skin. They are connected to a machine which traces heart activity onto the long strip of paper. The patient will be asked to lie still and breathe normally. For portions of the test the patient may be asked to hold his or her breath. Patients should avoid talking during the test. After the test is complete, the electrodes will be removed and the paste will be wiped clean. On average, the test takes 5 to 10 minutes.

All Major Insurances Accepted

Please call the office for any questions regarding insurance.