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Weight loss is often a lengthy process, especially when you don’t have help. By working with Dr. Tovmassian and Dr. Derhartunian at Elevate Health Group, weight loss can be achieved effectively and safely. Patients throughout Glendale, La Canada, and the Greater Los Angeles area can get help from Dr. Tovmassian and Dr. Derhartunian to create a weight loss plan which will work for their unique needs.

Weight Loss Q & A

What Can a Doctor Do to Help Me Lose Weight?

When a person is obese it increases the risk that they will develop numerous health problems including diabetes. With the help of a doctor, patients can work toward losing excess weight in a healthy and safe manner. The physician can help a person create a nutritional plan and help to suggest activities and exercises which can be beneficial. A doctor will often know the best ways to lose weight depending on the person’s overall health, daily schedule, age, and medical conditions.

Can Medical Issues Affect Weight Loss?

Hormonal imbalances, genetic conditions, and other illnesses can affect how and if a person loses weight. Often these conditions affect how a person’s digests food and they can contribute to weight gain. Types of medical conditions which can affect a person’s weight gain include:

  • Cushing’s Disease
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

Other diseases can contribute to weight gain as well as can be a sign of something more serious. The best way to lose weight safety and identify any possible medical conditions is to work with a doctor. For some patients, addressing the medical condition which is the root of the weight gain can reverse it and get the person back to a healthy weight.

What Will Weight Loss Treatment Entail?

To assist patients with losing weight in a safe way, each patient will go through a personal assessment which will determine if there are any medical conditions present and how they are affecting the person’s weight in addition to determining the best way for the patient to lose weight. A customized plan will be crafted and can offer options including:

  • Activity Suggestions
  • Lifestyle Changes
  • Nutritional Suggestions and Plans
  • Medications to Control Hormonal Imbalances

Doctors will often employ a variety of techniques to ensure that the weight loss plans are as effective as possible. If a medical condition or disease is found, the doctor will diagnose and treat the condition as a part of the patient’s ongoing care.

What Are IV Vitamin Infusions?

Dr. Tovmassian and Dr. Derhartunian use a patient-centered approach to customize weight loss treatments using IV vitamin infusions, along with prescription medications and lifestyle changes. Intravenous vitamin infusions are liquid-based vitamin blends that are administered straight into the body through an IV drip. Many patients choose this form of delivery instead of taking vitamins orally, to ensure that the vitamins are being absorbed into their system. IV vitamin infusions boost the immune system and correct nutritional deficiencies. The practice offers both the weight loss IV injection and IV drip, which utilize Lipotropic, a fat metabolizing amino acid.

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