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Elevate Health Group

Primary Care Physicians & Internists located in Glendale, CA

To ensure you stay in the best health possible, Dr. Tovmassian and Dr. Derhartunian offer numerous general medicine care options including cancer screening, physical exams, and reproductive health exams. At Elevate Health Group patients in and around Glendale, La Canada, Burbank, and the Greater Los Angeles area can find the tools they need to maintain optimal health.

General Medicine Q & A

What Should I Do to Maintain Good Overall Health?

As an adult there are many things you can do to ensure that you stay in optimal health


  • Avoiding smoking and tobacco- smoking or using tobacco products can greatly increase a person’s risk of getting cancer, lung disease, and heart disease.
  • Limiting alcohol consumption- drinking too much alcohol can contribute to liver disease, some cancers, and increased risk of accidents.
  • Eating health and exercising- avoiding certain foods and maintain good levels of physical activity can reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke, certain cancers, diabetes, and depression.
  • Losing excess weight- carrying too much weight increases the risk of developing diabetes, certain cancers, arthritis, hypertension, and numerous other conditions.
  • Avoiding tanning booths and prolonged exposure to the sun- overexposure to the sun and sunbeds is linked to skin cancer.
  • Practicing safe sex- using condoms and a spermicide can reduce the risk of becoming infected with an STD or sexually transmitted disease.

All Major Insurances Accepted

Please call the office for any questions regarding insurance.